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Everything you need to take your business online is right here

Everything you need to take your business online is right here

Let’s not overthink this! No matter the state of your current website, from non-existent to slow, disorganised, and outdated, We have the website design and development chops to get your site launched…Let’s get your business looking smick online.

Successful websites

A successful website is visually appealing, lead generating and speaks direct to your customer. 
It takes time to plan, you must think about your customers pain points and constant updating.

It’s crucial to have a quality logo, relevant imagery, and content that speaks to your customers in a language they know and understand.

Consumers are more web savvy than ever before, and if you’re not, they’ll go and find a website that speaks to them loud and clear.  
Your website needs to have a clear message, strategically placed ‘calls to action’ (CTA) that guides them through to either calling, emailing or buying. 

Your website plays a crucial role in encouraging users to move through certain actions to then become your customer. 
You need to gain their trust, offer solutions to their problems and nurture them. 

Still not convinced. Check the stats below from Think with Google.
84% of Aussies conduct pre-purchase research on smartphones
65% abandon a poorly designed mobile website
53% of mobile site visits are likely to be abandoned if load times are greater than three seconds

Coming Soon Page

If you’re looking at launching a product or service online you should consider a Coming Soon page. Coming Soon pages can help you generate a targeted list of early adopters interested in your product or service.
But just like any landing page, pre-launch or coming soon pages need to be optimized for conversion in order to have the best results. 
Think about things like…

  • A clear value proposition
  • A bulleted list or concise sentence of your product's core benefits
  • A single call to action (CTA)
  • Hero shot (or photos of the product in use)

Coming Soon Page

Responsive Websites

A responsive website means it will display differently on different screen sizes – desktop, laptops, tablet and mobile.
Responsive designs optimise your user’s browsing experience by creating a flexible web page, optimised for the device they are using.

Responsive Websites

A responsive website means it will display differently on different screen sizes – desktop, laptops, tablet and mobile.
Responsive designs optimise your user’s browsing experience by creating a flexible web page, optimised for the device they are using

Online Store Websites

Sell physical products, digital products or services. 
Your online store (also known as e-Commerce) will allow your customers to purchase physical products that are shipped to them, digital products they can download or the service you offer. It can also offer any combination of the three. You can sell any product 24/7. We offer full website & e-commerce training for self management or we can manage your online store for you.

Online Store Websites

Membership or Subscription Websites

Membership or Subscription Websites

A membership or subscription based website (think of iTunes or Netflix) is a blocked/locked part of your online business where only members who subscribe and/or pay can access the content you’ve placed behind the blocked/locked section. 
Members can log in and access exclusive content, or special offers. 
Membership or subscription websites can be paid or free or a mix of both. Some examples of business that may have this type of website are: Gyms, Personal Trainers, Coaches or Mentors

Online Reservations & Beautiful Menu's for Restaurant & Cafe Websites

No more trying to decipher your hand writing or trying to find a reservation you wrote down ‘somewhere’. Reduce the amount of time you or your staff spend answering phone calls to take bookings. Give your customers the option to make table bookings via your website. Set booking times & availability, confirm or reject bookings and send custom email notifications, all in the easy to use ‘admin area’ of your website. Create and manage menus that look great on every device.

Online Reservations & Beautiful Menu's for Restaurant & Cafe Websites

Two Day Website Workshop

Two Day Website Workshop

Our workshops are designed to teach you how to create and maintain your own website. You’ll be guided through every step with easy to understand instructions. You will learn how to add a page, add content (text & images) plus any other functionality you want your website to have.

Sitting here with my coffee(s) in hand scrolling Insta and admiring so many businesses and their posts 🙌🏻 .
@nate_dumlao owns this fab pic 👌🏻

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Yes. blessed🙌🏻
I love love love partnering and working alongside startups.

@vinoagro and I have been working pull off a pretty sch-mick ‘Coming Soon’ landing page.
Just wait until you see the website 💡

Full website launching soon 🙌🏻 well asap!

Please welcome and show some lovin to @vinoagro 💕 #vinoagro vino=wine=🥂

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A gal doesn’t ask for much! 😂 ...

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Ah, Bossy - he’s my biggest cheerleader but also my biggest distraction!
I mean, just look at that teddy bear face! How could anyone concentrate with that face looking up at you all the time? 🐶😍

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Is your small biz in desperate need of a bit of online love? Want to create something really special, but can’t bear the thought of not having complete control over the whole process?
It sounds like a website workshop is just what you need!
Whether you are a small business owner, an employee, or a fab compadre willing to put some hours into learning the ropes – we’ve got you covered! We’ll teach you everything you need to know to go live with your business. And importantly? Everything you could possibly require to maintain it thereafter!
Keen to jump on the Design+GoLive bandwagon? Head on over to the link in our bio for more deets!

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Because you are the only one who can! ...

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People talk about work/life balance an awful lot, and the honest truth about me? I really don’t have a lot of it, but it’s for one simple reason.
I LOVE my job. My chosen path. My biz 💕
So much so, that I dedicate almost every waking minute to improving and evolving what I have created here at Design+GoLive. Luckily, my whole Design+GoLive journey started after both of my kids had left school, so all that extra time I had up my sleeve? I was able to reallocate to something I am super passionate about; helping small businesses just like my own take charge of their online presence.
So even though I may not have a whole lot of the whole balance thing going on right now? I’m absolutely loving every minute of it.

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In case you couldn’t tell already, I love sharing tips and tricks with you guys… but did you know that you can find more where this came from on Facebook?
For real – it’s basically a treasure trove over there!
Want to hop on over and see what all the fuss is about? Link’s in the bio!

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Favicons are talked about a lot when it comes to websites, but do you actually know what one is?
A favicon is the icon you’ll find displayed in the address bar of your website - or next to your website’s name in an internet browser bar. It’s true, favicons are tiny in the scheme of things and unfortunately are often one of the first things to be forgotten as a result. But really they are a golden opportunity to take the impression you create to the next level.
Does your biz have a favicon?

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This! 👌
Tag a business pal who's doing exactly that!

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I’ve never been one to do things by halves and Design+GoLive’s Website Design and Build Workshops? They’re certainly no exception.⁣
From the curriculum, to the food, to the venue - everything has to be *just right* before it gets the green light.⁣
With dates for our next workshop being firmed up as we speak – I dedicated a whole day this week to finding the perfect finishing touches to tie it all together. ⁣
Success? ⁣
You betcha! 🙌

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We know it can be hard sometimes. In business, your money is going here, there and everywhere. But, one crucial investment that you must commit to is a mobile-friendly website. We know first-hand how hard it can be to find the spare cash, and that’s why we have partnered up with Oxipay so you set your website live and pay it off. 
Oxipay payment plan is available for almost all our services and products. No Strings. No Extra Costs.

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I’m going to go ahead and write it for all to read 🙈 heart on sleeve⁣⁣.
Diving into my own social media and 'showing up' was (still a little) daunting and scary. ⁣⁣
Thoughts of:⁣
Will people actually like what I have to say, offer and share?⁣
Is it boring?⁣
Does it read right?⁣
Does it sound too sale-sy?⁣
What images do I use? ⁣
How do I create images that are engaging and beautiful?⁣
Lordy lordy am I over thinking this?⁣
This is so time consuming...(I hope someone out here in Insta land can relate...eeek) ⁣⁣
But a few months ago? I said **** it. Just Do It! Learn as you go girl. ⁣
So I have sloooowwwly started sharing more of me and the behind-the-scenes of Design+GoLive - wishin’ and hopin’ that it would go down well.⁣⁣

And I’ve got to say? You guys have been the absolute best ♥️ so thank you xx little DM's here and there...truly make my day.⁣⁣
The next hurdle is...drum🙈 there are so many of you doing it so well and I admire you.
I get butterflies just thinking about any tips on 'how to' would be o-so-helpful and appreciated 🙏

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With the online space quickly developing into a mobile space, it’s time to make sure your social media accounts are easily accessible on your website! And I mean your home page people – none of this only-on-the-contact-page business! ...

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Someone please tell me that 9pm is a perfectly acceptable time to have a coffee!? 😵
Image credit – making resisting an espresso that much harder is @riswandiwansyah.

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Sneak Peek...when I'm asked if I would like to work on a new land release website design and build...hand on heart. 💕 yes, I would love too... I met Holly some 12 months ago and she has reached out. You never know when another door opens and to think we met so long ago😊 I cannot wait to delve into this project 💪 ...

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Website workshops, one on one consultations, photography packages, makeover shoots … these are just some of our services. Because let’s be honest, it’d be cruel to stop at just one!
Want to see all that Design+GoLive has to offer? Everything you could possibly need and more is located in the link in our bio – so go on, give it a press!

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And it’s all about a good story, right? 🍷😂 ...

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When @thejoyfuleatery makes healthy food look as good as this! 😍 ...

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One of those rare moments where I got to work *on* my business rather than in it and man oh man I got so much done! 👊 ...

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