My Why

I started this little dream in our lounge room to see how it would go. As the business grew, we decided to move it into our bedroom as this had an access door going outside and this meant clients/couples didn’t have to walk through our entire house for meetings. 

We bunked up with our two-year-old daughter so I could move the business into our bedroom.
My hubby sold his boat to help my business grow…yep! He did, he saw the potential and believed in me more than I did. He sold his pride and joy so I could build a studio out the back of our home…and build one we did. It was beautiful. 
I sold my business as two separate identities …We had a retail shop and online store…the online store is what nearly broke me…mentally and financially and that my friend is my business way and why I started Design and Go Live. 

I later sold my business as two separate identities. Corporate (sold to my Graphic Designer) and Wedding and Event Stationery Design (sold to sisters).As I saw the digital trend approaching and realized that going ‘online’ was the next move for all businesses and experiencing what ‘going online’ felt like…I was like, there has to be an easier way. 
So, to research the online world and taking a business online, I had to get a ‘job’ to fund my research. I landed a job with Country SA in Human Resources – what an eye opener that was

As I had a database of clients from my previous business, I put my idea out there to them and had willing participants. Going online nearly broke me, mentally and financially…I remember it like it was yesterday. Looking for a website agency to help take my business online. I found a local agency and was met with total overwhelm, what is CSS and HTML, what is a URL, what is hosting, what is WYSIWYG ??? and I didn’t really like the finished look. But it will do because I need a return on investment asap.
Some months later, I had a three hour website training session and I remember sitting there saying to myself “I am never going to understand this” I was frantically writing down notes and made to feel like a dumb ass when I would ask for an example that I could actually relate to and I was on a schedule as someone else was in after me. 
Over the next few years I battled with my website and the agency. Paying for through the nose for small changes and sometimes waiting for two weeks for changes.


“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”
― Albert Einstein

My research involved designing 4 websites and two e-commerce stores for zero dollars (of course they paid for software and/or functionality that was going to cost me) so I could get experience, gain the skills and ‘really’ get to the core of what business owners wants, needs and frustrations were. 
I tried and tested free software and purchased website software, simply to find a solution that would help businesses get online with a website in a way that was:
• stress free 
• cost effect 
• could grow with the business as the business grew
• a website that a business owner or staff could maintain themselves 
So, there you have it. This is the heart and soul of Design+Go Live and I love my business and everything I stand for. 
I’m proud and honoured to say that I have help many start-up and small businesses nail their website design and I encourage entrepreneurs to take ownership of their own websites, so they can move forward in the online world independently.
Please read my testimonials from my beautiful clients and feel free to reach out them if you feel you need to.

I cried and asked myself – why in the hell did you do this?…my first ever Two-Day Website Workshop…I stood in the beautiful room that overlooked the ocean, all the desks were set, coffee brewing and the room felt so inviting everything was perfect and I had an hour to kill. THEN and this fear, butterflies and nerves just took over my body and mind. I started crying and said out load why in the hell did you do this and paced the room…I knew I had to get my shit together, I had business owner arriving soon. People that invested in me, trusted me, gave up two days for me…I needed to get over it and I did, and the two days were the best two days I could ever ask for.

Pushing through my fear, I am so incredibly proud because:
• I hate public speaking and standing up talking in front of people – but I conquered that fear
• I invested time and money into the planning, research, and production of a full colour bound 50-page manual that goes through everything we discuss over the two days and because I’m a visual learning I have provided a screenshot of every step, so when the students get home they can reference this.


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